About US

The UNIGREEN company’s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions in the areas of transport, forwarding and logistics – precisely tailored to customer needs, while maintaining the highest quality of service.

Our customers are the most important for us, so we offer them reliable and always effective solutions in the field of transport and freight forwarding. The transport company UniGreen was founded in November 2018 in Bydgoszcz. We work in our country and we also forwarding and transport to Europe and Russia. We have a license for national and international transport. Also, our company is a member of the Polish Economic Chamber of Road Transport and Forwarding, an organization that brings together entrepreneurs of the transport industry in Poland.

UniGreen specializes in transport in the European Union and CIS countries. We develop successful cooperation with customers of the Eastern market, among other things, we handle the transport of goods to Russia. Currently we do about minimum 800  transport orders per month, using vehicles of our subcontractors. The company employs only highly qualified personnel, freight forwarders and management.

Our priority is the protection of entrusted goods during transport. We have Liability Insurance of road transport. We can make additional insurance Cargo on special request of our client. We adhere strictly drivers’ working hours and health and safety regulations, resulting in timely and safe delivery of goods in Europe and Russia. We care about the qualifications of our employees and continue to invest in the development of the fleet, so we gained recognition in the market of transport companies. Our priority is to provide the highest quality of services. We want our customers to be with us  long times!